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Have Your Own World Series of Poker.


Don't have the $10,000 necessary for the buy-in at the World Series of Poker? Many people are finding they can get the same thrill competing against friends in their own game at home. It isn't difficult to turn your family room into a mini version of the Rio Casino and you will be all set to go.


The first thing you must do if you are going to host a game is determine how many people to invite and what the buy-ins are going to be. A typical friendly home game might include a $25 buy-in and for that a person would receive 250 chips. The buy-ins and the total number of chips can be adjusted up or down depending on the size of your poker party and their pocketbooks. The winner should receive a payout of 70% of the pot, with second place getting 20% and third getting 10%. If you have 10 people that means a top prize of $175, second place would get $50 and third place gets their buy-in back of $25.


Ten is a good number to have for your game because most of the poker tables made for hold-em contain spots at the tables for players. If you are going to host the games then it is absolutely necessary that you have a table constructed especially for this competition. If you have ever been to a casino where hold-em is played or watched on television, you have seen the long oval table that is used. These are great because each player can get a good look at all of the other players to try and pick up their "tells".


If you are looking for a portable poker table that can be brought out only for hold-em games expect to pay around $400 for a good one. You will find an excellent selection at www.pokerhousepro.com. They also have a number of finely crafted premium tables that will rival any that you would see in any casino; they are made of hardwood, chrome, and marble.


If you are going to be hosting the big game you will also be expected to provide the chips that are used. You want to make sure that you have enough to give every player a fair chance to compete in the game. Some hosts will make different color chips worth different amounts while others will just keep the value the same to keep it simple. If you are going to host a ten person game try to have at least one thousand chips to distribute. Pokerhousepro also has a wide variety of chips and playing cards for purchase including complete poker sets that come in attractive wood cases which make excellent gifts.


By Michael Anderson